Trine Elitsgaard

Latin American Masters, Santa Monica, California
Recommendation by Jeannie R. Lee


Continuing through December 4, 2010

Apparent ease and graceful agility mark the work of master weaver and textile artist Trine Ellitsgaard. Born in Denmark, but living in Oaxaca, Ellitsgaard's materials range broadly between traditional and modern fibers, often posing elegant metaphors for contemporary living. Reminiscent of Agnes Martin's minimalism, thin black rubber tubing is knotted and woven into a simple grid on a neutral background of plastic and silk in "My Life in Oaxaca" (2010). Although the backgrounds are usually hand-woven fiber mats, the size and presentation of the work often makes one think of works on paper or canvas.

Her larger hanging cut felt pieces, simply adorned with small rectangles of mica, are sculptural columns, even totemic. A clean Danish abstract sensibility runs through all the work, even when she uses kinky black horsehair to depict the top of her son's head. The companion piece somehow uses densely embroidered paper thread to represent the same head after a significant haircut. The personal information is superfluous, however, as the works stands well without it - as they should (Latin American Masters, Santa Monica).

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