In my new series, I attempt neither to explain nor interpret. Of course, I have my own ideas about these  works, but I prefer that the pictorial language shape itself freely in the mind of the viewer. That is exactly  what I always try to do when it comes to painting.


Jose Marchi
Buenos Aires, 2013


 A past recipient of Argentina’s National Prize for drawing, José Alberto Marchi’s selected solo exhibitions include: Solis Flama, Podewill, Berlin (2004), Música Blanca, Centro Cultura Recoleta, Buenos Aires, 2005, and Tierra Celeste (organized by Belgium’s M Museum), Cypress Galerie, Leuven, Belgium (2009). In addition to his work as a visual artist, Marchi is a composer. His collaboration with Circular (a duo with Daniel Varela) has an extensive discography. Sacrificio is the artist’s third exhibit with Latin American Masters.

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