Rufino Tamayo: Paintings & Drawings 1925 to 1989 - Publications - Latin American Masters

At a time when his contemporaries were painting murals on nationalist and overtly political themes, Rufino Tamayo chose to paint intimate canvases of a more subtle and lyrical nature. His initial preoccupation was with learning the lessons of the artists he most admired: Cezanne, Matisse, and Braque. Concurrently, he discovered Mexico's wonderful plastic traditions, best exemplified in the pre-Columbian art of his ancestors. It is in Tamayo's ability to fuse the most sophisticated aspects of Modernism with the expressive power of the ancient arts of Mexico, that his particular genius lies.

With text by William Sheehy

• 46 pages, 31 color plates
• English/Spanish
• $20.00 + shipping



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