Press Release

Latin American Masters gallery presents Recent Paintings, by Fernando de Szyszlo.  A key figure in the development of abstraction in Latin America, Szyszlo’s art evokes the beauty and mystery of Pre-Hispanic culture with a modern artistic language.  Rich textural effects, lyrical color and a mastery of light and shadow characterize Szyszlo’s paintings.  His art reflects broad cultural sources that include literature, philosophy and science.  Mario Vargas Llosa, 2010 recipient of the Nobel Prize for literature, says of Szyszlo’s art:


“Latin America exists in what we see and enjoy, in what disturbs, excites and also identifies us.  This is what happens to us with the stories of Borges or Octavio Paz, the paintings of Tamayo or Matta.  It also happens with the paintings of Szyszlo: this is Latin America in its highest expression, the best of what we are and what we possess.”


Born in Peru in 1925, Szyszlo had his first one-man show in 1947.  Two years later he moved to Paris (1949-1954) where he met Andre Breton, Rufino Tamayo and Octavio Paz.  Szyszlo has received over one hundred solo exhibitions, and exhibited at institutions world wide, including: Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico; The Art Institute, Chicago; and the Guggenheim Museum, New York.  The artist currently lives and works in Lima, Peru.


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