Gunther Gerzso - Artists - Latin American Masters

Amarillo-Verde-Rojo-Azul, 1975

oil on masonite

13 x 18 inches

(Mexico, 1915 - 2000)


Many people say I am an abstract painter. Actually, I think my paintings are very realistic. They are real because they express very accurately what I am all about, and in doing so they are to some degree about everybody else.


-- Gunther Gerzso
Twentieth Century Artists on Art
published by Pantheon, 1985


By the late 1940's, Gunther Gerzso's geometric abstractions combined the restricted space of Cubism with the deep vistas of late Surrealism. His style is characterized by rich, jewel-like glazes of color, sharp-edged architectural forms, and the suggestion of a subterranean space, at once erotic and psychological. In addition to Cubism and Surrealism, his paintings have references to pre-Columbian art and the varied landscapes of Mexico. He is Mexico's most significant twentieth century Abstractionist.


Paseo Nocturno (Night Walk), 1989
Mayuscula (Capital), 1989


Gunther Gerzso

Mayuscula (Capital Letter)

Gunther Gerzso

Paseo Nocturno

Gunther Gerzso


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