Gustavo Acosta - Artists - Latin American Masters

El Rio (The River), 2010

acrylic on canvas

40 x 48 inches

(Cuba, b. 1958)


Gustavo Acosta’s cityscapes are imbued with a desolate grandeur, and share a disquieting similarity: they are uninhabited. The absence of people and of human-scale encourages an abstract reading of Acosta’s paintings, as theatrical sets or models. At a glance, Acosta’s paintings appear to be realistic, three-dimensional renderings. Closer inspection reveals a painterly emphasis on a two-dimensional surface. This “push-pull” of three-dimensional and two-dimensional space lends a flickering, instability to Acosta’s imagery. Whether viewed through the lens of history, social criticism, or psychology, Gustavo Acosta’s paintings remain disquieting meditations on the disjunctions of appearance and reality.


Gustavo Acosta
Gustavo Acosta


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