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Latin American Masters presents Francisco Toledo: Selected Prints from 1970 - 2018. Printmaking has been an important means of expression for artists throughout history. Rembrandt, Goya, Picasso, and the German Expressionists are among the many who influenced the evolution of art through their graphics. Mexico has an illustrious history of artist printmakers. The late Francisco Toledo created an extensive and influential body of work devoted to the graphic arts. Latin American Masters’ current exhibition features a selection of original graphic works from 1970 - 2018.


Francisco Toledo made his first prints in 1957, and from the beginning could see the possibilities of the medium. Toledo has mastered all of the classical graphic techniques. He has created a body of graphic work that, in size and expressive brilliance, is equaled by few living artists. His etchings, incised directly by Toledo in a copper plate, may have linear passages as fine as strands of hair, they may weave lyrically thru space or explode with gestural violence. If color is the key to Tamayo’s expressive world, Toledo’s is grounded in drawing. Although undoubtedly a great painter, ceramicist, and sculptor, printmaking remains Toledo’s first love. The act of incision, so central to the medium of printmaking, enriches his work in virtually all other media.




Francisco Toledo         Volador Azulejos, 1970
Francisco Toledo         Mi Hermano, 1984
Francisco Toledo         The Magician, 1974
Sea of crocodiles
Francisco Toledo         Snakes and Rabbits, 1971
Francisco Toledo         La Tortuga, 1982
Francisco Toledo          Rabbit Soup, 1980
Francisco Toledo                  El cocodrillo descanzando con baston, 2018
Francisco Toledo                   Juarez Fishing in the Orbit of the Skull, 1988
Francisco Toledo         8 cocodrilos bailando, 2018
Person with octopus
Francisco Toledo         Pulpos con barcos y esclavos, 2018
Francisco Toledo         La hamaca temblar y yo también, 2018
Francisco Toledo         Keleton with Frogs, c. 1990
Francisco Toledo          Auto Accident, c. 1971
Toads and pants
Francisco Toledo           Vaca, 1970
Francisco Toledo          Dos Cocodrilos, 1999
Francisco Toledo                 La Hermana de Juarez Cose Ajeno, 1984
Toledo feeding medicine to people
Francisco Toledo          La Escalera, 1976
Monkeys dancing in a circle
Francisco Toledo  Gato de Sara XIII, 2009
Francisco Toledo          Rabbit Family, c. 1980
Self portrait of Francisco Toledo
Francisco Toledo         Sapos, 1996
Monkeys playing in a tree
Toad with long tongue
Francisco Toledo          Tres caras en hamaca, 2018
Francisco Toledo             La Hojas Muertas, 2004
Francisco Toledo          The Water Carrier, 1993
Francisco Toledo Insectos, 1999


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